Walmart Health & Wellness
  • Bentonville, AR, USA

Walmart Optometry: We are truly making a difference in our communities by making eye care accessible while helping our patients live better, healthier lives. With over 3,000 Vision Centers nationwide, we have 11% of Optometrists in the US practicing in and adjacent to our stores focusing on patient care.

Over 2,000 Independent Optometrists have discovered the value and professional satisfaction in teaming with Walmart. With Walmart serving millions of customers each week in our stores, the opportunity to connect with thousands of prospective patients in your community is just outside your door. In addition to our Independent Optometrist practice model, in some States you have the opportunity to make an impact as a part-time or full-time salaried Optometrist where you can concentrate on patient care - while enjoying all the stability, salary and benefits that come with working for the world's largest retailer.