Eyetastic Services

Eyetastic Services was started to fix the issues we see within our industry and staffing is number one on the list for most clinics. This is why we started Eyetastic Jobs, which offers unlimited free job posting for all employers and is always free for job seekers to apply and post their resumes. 

We understand that without the right people in the correct positions, your team, your business, and, most of all, your patients & customers can suffer. That's why we are here to help source the best candidates! 

We are Eye Care Professionals helping Eye Care Professionals with new career paths. Whether you need advice, resume help, or even the best negotiation practices, we are here to help you!

Who better explains the role than people that have worked and trained others? Our passion is to promote your job to others while helping the applicants with questions about their future employment.

If you need concierge recruitment services where we work as an extension of your team for your hiring needs, please visit us at eyetasticservices.com.