Active vs. Passive Candidate: Which is Better?

Active vs. Passive Candidate: Which is Better?

Active vs. Passive Candidate: Which is Better?

When hiring new employees, employers usually choose from two types of candidates: active and passive.
So, which is better?

Active candidates are those who are actively seeking new employment opportunities. Generally, they will submit their resumes to job boards or reach out to companies directly. They can be more motivated and are likely to be quick learners. These candidates will be faster to decide on offers, and when they apply, it is best to reach out within 24 hours.


On the other hand, passive candidates are not actively looking for new employment but could be open to the right opportunity. These candidates may not have their resumes submitted to job boards or be actively networking for new opportunities. Typically, they may not be as proactive, but they are often more loyal and easier to train. They can usually be found through referrals or online platforms like LinkedIn.


There are pros and cons to both active and passive candidates. For example, active candidates may be more likely to have up-to-date resumes and be familiar with the latest job market trends. On the other hand, passive candidates might be more challenging to recruit but could be a better fit for your company.


Ultimately, the best candidate is the one that is the best fit for the specific job opening and the company culture. To determine this, it is crucial to take the time to carefully screen all candidates, regardless of whether they are active or passive.


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